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Can anyone help me with my dough ? I’m not sure what could be wrong if maybe the yeast is bad. But after I let it ferment for 24 hours and go to use it the pizza becomes so hard to handle it just pulls apart there’s no pull back on it. Would that be the yeast being dead?
Neo Dough

Neo Dough adapted from Vito Iacappeli's. Makes two 13" pies

  • 400.00 g Caputo 00 Flour
  • 300.00 g Water approx 80 deg
  • 3.00 g IDY
  • 15.00 g EVOO
  • 15.00 g Kosher or Sea Salt
  1. Prep all ingredients Place in Stand mixer bowl in the following order: Flour IDY Water EVOO
  2. Attach dough hook
  3. Turn on mixer to 2nd lowest setting and mix for 2 minutes
  4. Add Salt
  5. Turn on mixer for another 8 mins Scraping bowl and hook periodically
  6. Place dough in a well oiled bowl and allow to bulk ferment for 1 hr
  7. Take out of bowl and divide into half
  8. Ball dough Will be a bit wet, so you may need a little more flour
  9. Place balls on lightly floured sheet pan. Dust your balls with a little flour
  10. Cover with plastic wrap and kitchen towel
  11. Allow to ferment for 6 hrs at room temp.
  12. Use dough for a high heat oven. WFO or well preheated Blackstone Patio Oven. Somewhere around 800-900 degrees
  13. Pizza will have good oven spring, charing and flavor Cooks in 90 to 120 seconds with light sauce and toppings...
  14. ENJOY!
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